What are you feeding your children?

Parenthood is a critical milestone, a crossroad in life when we make fundamental choices about lifestyle. It is the moment at which we become guardians of the future through our overwhelming love and care for the next generation.

An important choice to make as parents is skin care. There is an increasing body of evidence suggesting that a lot of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the blood stream, so we need to be as vigilant about skin food as we are about the food we put into our children’s mouths. An article published on Down to Earth is headlined Your Skin: It Absorbs! It is compelling reading.

I know that parents are bombarded with bewildering choice and confusing and conflicting advice and messages about just about everything, so I propose a very simple guide:

  1. Does the product tell me what all the ingredients are?
  2. Do I know what each of the ingredients is?
  3. Would I be willing for the combination of ingredients to enter my child’s body?
  4. Is each of the ingredients sustainable and renewable?

Answering yes, and only yes, to all of the above really ticks the boxes for a healthy future for our children. After all, ”it’s only natural you should know what’s in it…”


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