Support the bees

10% of every online purchase of de'bee signature balms supports bee research

Since our establishment in 2014 we have dedicated 10% of online purchases to a trust fund for allocation to strategic research into the survival of bee populations.

We strongly believe that Bee security equates to Food security …65 per cent of agricultural production in Australia depends on pollination by European honeybees”  (Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Pub. no. 13/115), and understand that bees are under enormous survival stress worldwide.

We were honoured in 2014 to meet Dr Denis Anderson, Australia’s eminent bee scientist and founding member of Bees Downunder, a company established to attract and direct funding for bee research.



Denis explained to us that “Long term strategic research is essential to address the threats to bees, not least of which is the Varroa destructor mite and its imminent arrival in Australia. Research funding is very limited and this is where Bees Downunder comes in.” Bees Downunder became our selected beneficiary of trust funds.

Unfortunately Denis has not been able to continue his management of Bees Downunder and the Company is no longer operating.

But we do continue to hold funds in trust, and we are working with a number of key research and industry bodies to establish research priorities to which funds can be allocated. We are hopeful to be able to make a meaningful contribution early in 2023.

Whilst Bees Downunder is no longer operating, we still want to share Dr Denis Anderson’s knowledge and passion for bees through the above video made in 2014.

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