10% of every online purchase of de'bee signature balms supports bee research

Dr Denis Anderson is a crusader for bees and Australia’s eminent bee scientist. He understands bees, their biology, their pathology, and the enormous stress bees are under for survival worldwide.

Denis’ passion for bees has extended beyond his retirement from the CSIRO. He is the founding member of Bees Downunder, a company dedicated to raising awareness about bees and supporting research into the survival of bee populations.

Denis says “Long term strategic research is essential to address the threats to bees, not least of which is the Varroa destructor mite and its imminent arrival in Australia. Research funding is very limited and this is where Bees Downunder comes in.”

Debra and Christopher with Dr Denis Anderson

We share Denis’ commitment to protecting the survival of bees. 10% of every online purchase of de’bee signature balms goes straight to the Bees Downunder strategic research fund. So you know that every time you use our wonderful beeswax products you are contributing to a sustainable future for bees.   

















Without bees there is no more honey and no more beeswax. More scarily, without bees we lose their enormous pollination activity critical to our food supply  …65 per cent of agricultural production in Australia depends on pollination by European honeybees”  (Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Pub. no. 13/115)

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