Story of de'bee





Brian working his beehives"Leanne and I met a little over a decade ago when we were the right age for a mutual friend to invite us to book club. Soon after this time Leanne and her family were shocked and grieved by the sudden and unexpected death of her father, Brian.

Sadly, I never met Brian, but have come to know much of him through becoming friends with Leanne. Brian was an apiarist and a man passionate about bees. Leanne says, “The bees were Dad’s calling - he had no choice. Although he was a plumber by trade, his true vocation was working with bees. Fortunately mum (Glenda) was really supportive and became the chief honey taster and blender for their bottled honey trade.”

Leanne and Glenda’s generous gift to me of a block of Brian’s beeswax was the spark for de'bee. Leanne and her daughter Cayley came one Saturday afternoon and we had so much fun making candles (that wouldn’t come out of the mould) and modelling wax (that hardened too quickly) and pretty much coating the kitchen with drops of molten wax.

From that afternoon I was hooked on beeswax and on the world of bees. de'bee is the synthesis of my joy in creating with beeswax and my desire to value and honour the produce from the hive and the true apiarists of the world.

Our name derives from the Hebrew origins of Debra and its traditional meaning – bee. de’bee is the shared signature of the producer of the wax, the honey bee, and the creator of the balms." Debra