Environmental Commitment

We are committed to living in a way that protects the future for the planet, its diversity of species and for our children.


All our ingredients are 100% natural and pure. This means there are no hidden additives in our products. It also means that the ingredients have not been subject to synthetic processing.

Our beeswax and olive oil are sourced from within 205km of where we produce in Golden Point in Victoria, minimising our carbon footprint in the transport of more than 95% of raw ingredients.

Production facility

Our products are hand crafted at our home where we aim for maximum sustainability.

Rainwater tanksAustralia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth and its supply of fresh water is becoming increasingly vulnerable to droughts.

We have been harvesting rainwater since 2004 and are proud to have supplied in excess of 98% of our water needs over that time. This represents a saving of 2,146,200 litres to our reservoirs, based on an ideal usage of 150 litres per person per day, achieved by us through a combination of harvesting and water conservation practices.

Photovoltaic solar panelsIn 2008 we installed a solar hot water system and photovoltaic panels on our roof to harness the sun for our energy needs. Following expansion of our photovoltaic panels, we have been able to minimise our purchase of electricity to 2.7 Kilowatt hours (kWh) per day, compared to an average of 18.5 kWh for the same sized household. All electricity we purchase is green, generated through hydro or other renewable methods.

Reuse and Recycling: 
All food scraps from our property are either fed to our hens, or composted for later use on our vegetable gardens.
Our purchasing practices ensure we produce minimal packaging waste and we shop with reusable bags.
We have a household policy of separating recyclable materials for separate collection, thus minimising landfill and promoting the reuse of resources.



In keeping with our mission and values and our environmental commitment, we searched Victoria and then Australia, in ever-widening circles, for a manufacturer able to supply our needs. Sadly we found none.

So we turned to Asia and after months of often highly interesting and mutually entertaining research we found two wonderful suppliers who make and screen print our tubes and pots. Our contacts at each of the production facilities, both in mainland China, could not have been more helpful and they show a genuine and ongoing interest in the nature of our product. Our sadness at not being able to source packaging locally has turned into a real pleasure in extending our knowledge and relationship with our regional neighbours.

We have selected silkscreen printed polypropylene packaging for our products for these reasons:

  • It is lightweight to minimise the environmental impact of transport, both of packaging to our production facility, and of products to our customers
  • It is recyclable – the recycling symbol is moulded into our pots and is screen printed on both our pots and lip balm tubes as advice to our customers
  • It has chemical and thermal resistance properties
  • It does not contain BPA (Biphensol A)
  • It is shatterproof to avoid injury to the product and our customers
  • It is transparent for customers to be able to see the product
  • It remains attractive and informative through the lifespan of the product because the printing is completely stable

Our products are posted in Australia Post padded bags, manufactured from up to 40% recycled content and which themselves are recyclable.

We do use a secondary packaging cardboard box for lip balm tubes in retail settings, to enhance presentation and to mitigate against easy shop lifting. de'bee signature balm pots are shrink wrapped for retail outlets to protect against accidental use of pots as testers.