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We love getting feedback about de'bee signature balms. Please read on to find out what happy customers have to say and send us your feedback as well 

For me Storytime balm has been a saviour. I have suffered from eczema my whole life. I have used every cream, lotion or balm under the sun. I was of the belief that there was nothing that I could put on my skin that would make a real difference. I met Debra at the Dayleford market and she recommended Storytime. It is a beautiful product and has made a profound difference in my life. It has decreased the redness of my skin, accelerated healing and decreased the itchyness of my skin. It is helping me manage my
skin much better while I focus on diet and lifestyle to heal myself naturally. I highly recommend this product to anyone with sore skin. Thank you de'bee for creating this product!

Brent Zimmermann, West Lakes Shore, SA - March 2017


Breathe Easy gives a quick hit of relief from hay fever!

Alysha Curtis - December 2016


I was using cortisone on my baby's eczema but knowing the effects of steroids on babies (well any human) I went on a hunt for something more natural. I came across De'bees by accident at Eltham Farmer's market and the effects have been amazing. I highly recommend this product!

Rebekah Jardine - October 2016


I've been using 'storytime chamomile balm' for a couple of weeks now and it has helped with the clearing of my eczema on my hands. Love this product!

Kaden Chaffey - October 2016


I tried everything to help with my sons ecxema and nothing seemed to work until I found De'bee! They are a life saver!! My sons ecxema is now under control beautifully and hasn't had an outbreak since.

Rebecca Soutter - July 2016


Kath holding her pot of StorytimeI will be 90 this year and I use Storytime
every morning after my bath to stop my skin itching. And it has cured my tinea as well.

Kath - May 2016



I have been loving the Pucker up lip balm it is one of the best natural products I have used. I never go anywhere without it and it last forever witch I love.

Jessica Rose Newell - April 2016



Thanks Deb. The storytime balm has worked a treat on my itchy arms.

Jo-Anne Nash - April 2016


Megan - 2015

So I received my de'bees peppermint lip balm yesterday. It is amazing.
Postage was so cheap and really fast. It was shipped the same day I purchased it. It glides on, very moisturising and the peppermint is perfect. I love how I can see through the tube so I can tell  when I have to order more before it runs out! The hand written note was a nice personalised touch which I loved because it shows that the company values their customers by taking the time to do that. Overall, 10/10. Amazing product, so cheap, and all natural. Thank you so much for posting this company in black milk discussions! I am hooked and will definitely be buying more!

Kelly Ridgway - June, 2015


After trying countless lip balms over the years, I’ve finally found the perfect one. Only one to two slicks a day of de’bee’s balm keep my lips wonderfully soft, and the range of flavours are sublime. I love that the products are made of natural, local ingredients utilizing the potency of essential oils and nourishing beeswax. I’m so glad my search for the perfect lip balm is over thanks to de’bee!

Sarah Evans - October, 2014


Ha ha I lost mine. I gave it to my mum while she was in hospital, coz the air conditioning was drying her lips out. She loves it, it kept her lips lovely and moist and stopped the splitting and relieved her lips. It's perfume is not overpowering and she is still using it.

So if Deb gets this message I need another lip balm. I also used it on my cuticles and it was amazing at moistening them and stopped them peeling.

Mum really did appreciate it. At first I was loaning it to her and when I saw her reaction after using it, it became hers to keep. She loved it so much.

Belinda Walsh - 2014


I've been using Debs lip balm for several years now and let me tell you, this is the only honest product out there. I've had the honour of watching Deb make this lip balm in her family kitchen in her home, (shh don't tell) and let me tell you, every single ingredient is natural, there is no sneaky pinch of artificial anything, it's 100% natural goodness

Debs product is so amazingly versatile, it's practically the fountain of youth in a tube! I use it for cracked feet, dry elbows, cuticles, sun burn, post cold raw noses and of course my lips I have never, and I really mean never found a product that is instant dry lip relief, without that gooey plastic feel on your lips. Debs lip balm feels so smooth, when you apply it you can really feel it seeping into your lips, while still keeping your lips smooth and moist.

And take it from a full lipped lady like me, once you've tried this lip balm you will never ever try another.

Rachael Mayger - 2014


I came across Debra’s Beeswax cream purely by chance. As an eczema sufferer, itchiness is a terrible problem and nothing aggravates it more than intense heat. The prescribed cream I normally use, was just not helping during a recent heat wave, which lasted 4-5 days. I was at my wits end with rashes appearing all over my legs and body, until Debra gave me her beeswax and chamomile ointment to help relieve the itching. To be honest I didn’t think it would work, as nothing else had. So I took Debra’s advice, and applied the ointment at home. To my amazement and surprise, the itchiness stopped within a minute of applying it. After that, anytime, my skin started getting itchy, I would apply this ointment immediately. Honestly, it worked and continues to work, with or without the heat. I now use my prescribed cream less and less, preferring the healing effects of the beeswax ointment. The rashes have disappeared and the need to scratch also. The ointment was certainly a great antidote to the heat. I call it my miracle cream. It’s a natural substance, smells great, and I know it’s effect is going to be immediate.

Jayne Schwalger - 2014